Sigurd Hole - Extinction Sounds er et bestillingsverk som skrives spesielt til årets TronTalks festival. Dette sier Sigurd om verket:

The work examines my memory of the sounds of the forest around the cabin as I remember them from my childhood. A very personal approach to making music indeed… but, at the same time, the work also looks at more universal issues regarding the nature of sound. Every sound, and every perception of sound, vanishes and never comes back as it was in exactly that moment. Such is the nature of sound. But what we hear, be it spoken human words or the call of a bird, change our perception of reality and may trigger all kinds of emotional respones.

In Extincion sounds I try to examine this aspect of sound as a compositional tool in many different ways, in a musical context where my own memories of sound serve as a sonic painting palette. Below is a simple sketch with movable “que-cards” outlining the overall form of the composition. Wonder what it may look like (and sound like!) when I am done!

Fiolin: Sara Övinge
Bratsj: Bendik Bjørnstad Foss
Cello: Tanja Orning
Kontrabass: Sigurd Hole
Klarinett og saksofon: Torben Snekkestad 
Piano: Jon Balke 
Slagverk: Anders Kregnes Hansen
Slagverk: Veslemøy Narvesen
Lyd: Audun Strype


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